1. Get Your Data into LityxIQ

1a. Using the Console Window ( 1b. Using the File Manager ( 1c. Import a Delimited Text File ( 1d. Import Data from an Excel File or Google Sheets ( 1e. Import Data from a SQL Database Table (

2. Quickly Review Your Data

2a. Browse a Dataset ( 2b. Viewing Summary Statistics for a Dataset ( 2c. Automated Insights ( 2d. Quick Insights ( and Creating a New Quick Insight (

3. Manipulate Your Data (New Fields, Joins, Aggregations etc.)

3a. Creating a Derived Dataset ( 3b. Defining Incoming Data for a Derived Dataset ( 3c. Defining Joins for a Derived Dataset ( 3d. Defining New Fields for a Derived Dataset ( 3e. Defining a Fil...

4. Build a Model

4a. Creating a New Predictive Model ( 4b. Defining Settings for Building a Model ( 4c. Executing / Run a Model ( 4d. Performance Analysis: Metrics to Analyze: Classification Models ( 4e. Performance ...