In LityxIQ, you can very easily make a copy of a dataset definition.  This process does not create a copy of the data, just a copy of the settings for a dataset.  You can use this copy as a template for creating a similar dataset that is, say, based on the same data or data dictionary, or making an exact duplicate of the data.  Follow these steps:

1) Select the dataset you wish to copy in the Available Datasets list (it will highlight orange), and click Copy Dataset Definition in the Selected Dataset menu.

2) Give a name and description (optional) to the copied version of the dataset.  Optionally, you can also select a different library in which to place the newly copied version of the dataset.  When finished, click OK.

3) The new dataset will now be shown in the Available Datasets list.  Notice that it will not have any data in it (0 rows, 0 columns), so the next step is edit the Dataset Definition (see for a Raw Dataset or see for a View).