Deactiving, Re-activating, and Deleting a Dataset

Deleting a dataset in LityxIQ is a two-step process (to guard against accidental deletion).  It involves deactivating the dataset and then deleting it.  Use caution when deleting a dataset.  Once deleted, a dataset cannot be recovered.

Deactivation is a way to temporarily disallow operations with the dataset, while keeping it intact. 

To deactivate a dataset:

1) Select the dataset in the Available Datasets list (it will highlight blue-gray), then click Deactivate in the Selected Dataset menu.

2) The dataset will now show Status = Inactive in the dataset list.  To delete the dataset, select it once again and then click Delete from the Selected Dataset menu (which now only allows two actions).  Note: To re-activate the dataset, select Activate instead of Delete.

3) Click OK in the next dialog to confirm deletion.