Logical and Comparison Operators

Logical and comparison operators can be used for making comparisons between values (often used in CASE/WHEN statements) that result in logical true or false for each comparison,.

Function Usage and description
Equal Usage: =
Greater Than Or Equal Usage: >=
Greater Usage: >


Example: expression [NOT] BETWEEN value1 AND value2

Less Than Or Equal Usage: <=
Less Than Usage: <
Not Equal Usage: != or <>
Not Usage: "NOT" or !
Logical OR Usage: "OR" or ||
Logical AND Usage: "AND" or &&
Logical XOR Usage: XOR
Search for Value in Set

Usage: search_value IN (value1,value2,...)

Returns true if the search_value is found in the list of values provided in parens.

If searching for string values and you are providing literal string values for comparisons within parens, the value1, etc should be enclosed in single quotes.