Edit Settings of an Insight Chart

The settings for an insight Chart are described below.


Setup Tab

The Setup tab contains two different sections:

Data and Variables

  • Dataset - select the dataset to be used as a basis for the chart.
  • Analysis Variable - select the variable to be displayed on the horizontal axis of the chart.
  • Series Variable - select the variable to be used as the basis for displaying different bars or lines on the chart.  For example, to show a different bar or line for each gender in the dataset, select Gender.
  • Variable Settings Button - see https://support.lityxiq.com/708472-Variable-Settings-in-Insight for more information on options available for variable transformations.

Summary Metrics - the Summary Metrics box is explained in the following article: https://support.lityxiq.com/769101-Computing-Summary-Metrics-in-Insight


Filter Tab

The filter tab can be used to specify a subset of the data to use for creating the chart.  See https://support.lityxiq.com/806706-Using-the-Filter-Dialog for more information on using the filtering and searching dialog. 


Titles & Labels Tab

See the article here for more information about the Titles and Labels settings: https://support.lityxiq.com/614854-Titles-and-Labels-Settings-in-Insight.

When finished, you can preview the insight, save it, or cancel changes using the buttons at the bottom of the dialog.

  • Preview - view the chart using the currently defined settings.  This does not permanently save the settings.
  • Save - save the currently defined settings for the chart, but do not exit the dialog.
  • Save and Close - save the currently defined settings and exit the dialog.
  • Cancel - cancel any changes made and exit.