Types of Insights

Within Insight, you are able to create a variety of different summarized insights for your datasets.  The types of insights currently available can be seen by clicking the New Insight button above your list of available insights:

Here is a brief explanation of each:

Chart - Charts provide a graphical means for summarizing and displaying data.  Charts can include bars, lines, splines, bubbles, and other visual elements (or a combination of elements).

XY Graph - An XY Graph is similar to a Chart, but is specific to plotting data on two axes (horizontal=X and vertical=Y).  This is appropriate for creating scatter plots or simple time series datasets.

Table - Tables provide a tabular view of summarized data, in a row and column format.  Tables can be enhanced with color coding of cells to highlight values using specific criteria.

Report - A report is a more detailed data listing that may have multiple pages, and allows for interaction by the user.

Map - A map allows for geographic representations of data at the state or zip code level.

Pivot - A pivot is an interactive tool for viewing summarized data over many combined dimensions.