Dynamic Filtering for an Insight

Charts, tables, and reports created in Insight can be filtered dynamically while viewing it.  To begin, click the filtering icon at the top of an Insight.

This will open the dynamic filtering dialog.  Currently active filters are displayed in the Active Filters area.  To add a new component to the filter, use the Add Filter area to select a field and define values.

  • For numeric fields with many values, select a sign and enter a value to define the filter.
  • For string fields, or numeric fields with a small number of values, you will be provided with a list of values in the dataset.  Use the checkboxes to select the values you want included in the filter.
  • String fields with a large number of values will provide a text box to enter a specific value you want to filter on.

After defining the filter, click the  icon to add it to the Active Filter list.


If you have multiple Active Filters, use the AND/OR settings to determine how they are combined in the overall effect of the dynamic filter.  In the example below, the filter is set to include records from the dataset in which the Expected Clicks is less than 500 OR the Day of Week is Sunday.

To apply the Active Filters, click the X icon in the upper left.  The resulting Insight will be displayed, and include the active filter and number of resulting dataset records in the footer.