Defining / Editing an XY Graph

To define or edit an XY Graph in Insight, follow these steps:

  1. From the available charts list, select the XY Graph to be edited and select Edit from the Selected Insight menu, or from the right click menu.  Note: if you just created a new XY Graph, you would immediately go to Step 2.


  1. The Edit Chart window will appear.  The available tabs will be discussed below


Setup Tab

The setup tab is used to define the dataset and variables that will make up the XY Graph.

Data and Variables Section

  • Dataset - select the dataset to be used as a basis for the graph.
  • X-Axis Variable - select the variable to be displayed on the horizontal axis of the chart.
  • Series Variable - select the variable to be used as the basis for displaying points as different colors on the chart.  Select "--none--" to not use a series variable.
  • The Variable Settings button lets you define methods for dealing with the Series variable if you selected one.  This includes methods for binning, NULL handling, and outlier handling.  This is discussed in more detail in the document:


Y-Variables Section

This section is used to choose the variable(s) that will be displayed on the vertical (Y) axis of the chart. 

  • Add a new Y-Variable to the list with the Add Y-Variable or Add Calculation buttons. 
  • Use the icon set  to:
  • Drag and drop can be used to re-order the Y-Variables.


Add Y-Variable Button

To add a Y-Variable to the graph, click the Add Y-Variable button.  You will have access to a dropdown list containing all numeric variables in the dataset.  Choose one to be the (or one of the) Y-variables in the graph.  You can optionally provide a new label for it as well.  By default, its label in the graph will be its variable name.



Add Calculation Button

The document here describes how the Add Calculation button is used within Insight:


Filter Tab

The filter tab can be used to specify a subset of the data to use for creating the chart.  See for more information on using the filtering and searching dialog. 


Titles & Labels Tab

This document describes the Titles & Labels tab that is available in Insight:


3) Preview the chart, save it, or cancel changes using the buttons at the bottom of the dialog.

  • Preview - view the graph using the currently defined settings.  This does not permanently save the settings.
  • Save - save the currently defined settings for the graph, but do not exit the dialog.
  • Save and Close - save the currently defined settings and exit the dialog.
  • Cancel - cancel any changes made and exit.

4) Output

If you selected a series variable, color coding on the graph will represent its values.  If you selected multiple Y-variables, color coding will reflect each variable (as in the example below).  If you selected both a series variable and multiple Y-variables, color coding will represent the series variable, and the multiple Y-variables will be available in a dropdown box within the graph.  This allows you to easily view the plot for each Y-variable.