Scheduling Execution of a Model

In some cases, you may want to run models off-hours, or on a schedule, instead of immediately in real-time.  Or you may wish to have a model automatically refreshed anytime the modeling dataset has changed.  In these cases, you can put the modeling process on a schedule.  First make sure you have clicked the Predictive Models link in the Predict Links menu.  Then follow these steps:

1) Select the model in the Available Models list, then select Execute Model -> Schedule It from the Selected Model menu.

2) The Scheduling dialog will appear.  See to get help with this dialog.

In the case of scheduling models to run Upon Data Refresh, LityxIQ will continually look for a new version of the modeling dataset.  Once that dataset has been updated or refreshed within LityxIQ, a new version of the model will automatically be executed.