Browse a Dataset

After a dataset has been created and the data loaded, the raw data it contains can be browsed.  Simply select the dataset in the Available Datasets list, and click Browse Data in the Selected Dataset menu.



The data browser window will open.  The options available in the browser are explained below.  When finished browsing, click the X in the upper right corner of the browser window.

  1. Clicking on the ‘^’ carat on a column reveals a set of options for that column, including sort options.  The browser can be filtered by entering a field name into the ‘contains’ text box.

  1. The Actions button contains options for refreshing the data, resizing columns, and "Export Page" which exports the currently displayed page of data to your browser for you to save locally on your machine.

  1. The paginator shows which page of the dataset is currently being viewed, as well as the total number of pages. 
  2. The Go to Page box allows the user to jump to an exact page number.
  3. Choose the number of records to show per page using this drop-down.
  4. The observations currently being viewed and the total number of records in the (filtered) dataset are shown here.
  5. The scroll bars can be used to horizontally scroll over to see additional fields, and to vertically scroll to view additional records on the page.