Execute Raw or Derived Datasets on a Schedule

It is possible to import data or execute a derived dataset automatically when LityxIQ has detected a need for a refresh (this is called Upon Data Refresh), or on a date/time-based schedule.  Follow these steps:

1) Select the dataset in the Available Datasets list, then select Load Data -> Schedule It from the Selected Dataset menu or after right clicking on the dataset.  In the case of a derived dataset, the menu will show the option Execute Derived Dataset instead of Load Data.

2) The Scheduling dialog will appear.  See https://support.lityxiq.com/882325-Using-the-Scheduling-Dialog for help with this dialog.

In the case of scheduling raw data imports Upon Data Refresh, LityxIQ will continually look for a new version of the underlying source (whether it is an uploaded file, an FTP file, or another dataset).  Once a new version is found, the import will begin.