Approving and Implementing a Model

Before a model may be used for scoring, it first needs to be put into production.  Optionally, approvers can be set up and may be different individuals from the modeler.  Though it is not a requirement that a model be approved before its use in scoring jobs, approval does guarantee that a reviewed and approved version of the model is always being used.

Once a model has been successfully created in LityxIQ, click on the model to highlight it. Then click on Selected Model and choose Approvals and Implementation.




The first tab shows the approvers set for this model.  To add approvers, select them from this list and click Save Approver Changes.


After clicking on the Approvals and Implementation tab, select the version of the model you wish to use and then click on the Select button below to request that it be put it into production.

If there are approvers set for the model, they will automatically receive an email asking them to approve it.  The approver(s) will then need to log in to LityxIQ, review the model as they deem appropriate, and in this dialog box click the Approve button if they do wish to approve it.

If there are no approvers, or when all approvers have approved the model version, the interface will show a button that looks like the following:

After removing prior versions from production (by clicking the Remove from Production button), click this button to officially put the approved version of the model into production.