Additional Actions with a Dataset

This document describes a number of actions that can be performed on datasets in LityxIQ when selecting one.


Create Dataset Based on This

This action will create a new Derived Dataset where the Incoming Data section is prefilled with the dataset this menu item was selected from.  This is a shortcut method to create a new dataset based on this selected one.  Note that this is different from the menu option Copy Dataset Definition described below.


Copy Dataset Definition

This action will copy the definition or settings of the dataset.  It will not create a copy of the data in the dataset.  You can use this copy as a template for creating a similar dataset that is, say, based on the same data or data dictionary, or making an exact duplicate of the data.  You will need to provide a name for the new copied dataset.  It will then be shown in the Available Datasets list.  Notice that it will not have any data in it (0 rows, 0 columns), so the next step is edit the Dataset Definition (see for a Raw Dataset or see for a Derived Dataset).  If you have automated insights settings setup for the dataset you are copying, you will be given the option of copying those settings over into the newly created copy.

Lock Dataset

This action will lock the dataset so that its settings can’t be edited and the data itself can’t be modified.  This will be useful for situations where a dataset is not meant to be modified or is not part of a bigger process, and you want to ensure nothing happens to the data in a dataset such as accidentally overwriting it or modifying it.  It keeps it safe from accidental modification.


Clear Data

This action will clear all data from the dataset without modifying its settings.  This can save space, or be used to "start from scratch" with working on the dataset.


Deactivate / Activate / Delete

The process of completely deleting a dataset is a two-step process.  The first step is to de-activate it.  A de-activated dataset will not be executed or be available for any other actions in LityxIQ.  Once de-activated, the Action menu for a dataset only allows it to then be cleared, re-activated, or completely deleted.