Viewing Summary Statistics for a Dataset

When data is loaded into a dataset, LityxIQ will automatically create summary statistics for each variable.  The summary statistics can be viewed by following these steps:

1) Select the dataset in the available datasets list (it will highlight blue gray), then click ‘Summary Statistics’ in the ‘Selected Dataset’ menu.

2) Results will appear in a new window.  See below for descriptions of the information provided.  Click Done when finished.

  1. The statistics provided include:
    • Minimum Value-  For character-based fields, this is the minimum value based on alphabetical ordering.
    • Mean Value-  Only provided for numeric fields.
    • Maximum Value-  For character-based fields, this is the maximum value based on alphabetical ordering.
    • Null Values-  Number of missing values in the field.
    • # Unique Values-  This is the number of unique values found in the field (not including a missing value).
    • Unique Values (not shown in screenshot above)-  A listing of the unique values.
  2. Click column headers to sort the summary statistics window based on that data.
  3. The Actions button can be used to access other options, as seen below.  In particular, you can export the summary data to CSV, PDF, or Excel format.

  1. The paginator shows which page number of variables is being viewed.  By default, 100 are shown per page.  Click the pagination arrows to move ahead or back a page, or to move directly to the first or last page of variables.