Importing Data Using a Custom SQL Query

LityxIQ provides the ability to import data from SQL databases using arbitrary queries.  If you are familiar with the SQL query language, this gives you the opportunity to import data using any query, including those with complex clauses like JOIN, WHERE, or GROUP BY clauses.  This can help reduce the number of data processing steps that you perform directly in LityxIQ.

To get started, you must have a valid data connection to a SQL database (such as SQL Server, Redshift, Oracle, or MySQL).  Within the raw dataset settings, select the Custom SQL option (instead of selecting a specific database table).  You can then type an arbitrary SQL query against the database.  Clicking the Preview Data Source button will show a sample of the results of your query.  See below for an example use case.

Creating a dictionary and importing the data into LityxIQ then follows the standard steps relevant to all LityxIQ raw datasets (see