All objects in LityxIQ, whether datasets, charts, dashboards, models, etc., are organized into 'Projects'.  At any point in time while working within LityxIQ, there is a currently active project.  This can be viewed in the upper right area of the LityxIQ platform.


Changing Projects

To change the currently active project, click the Change Project menu in the upper right of the LityxIQ window and select the project.  If you do not see a project on the list, it is likely due to the fact that you do not have permissions for it.  You will need to check with your system administrator or the project owner to add you as a user for the project.

Project Permissions
Projects are also a method for ensuring only users or groups with appropriate permissions have access to certain data, models, or other objects.  Permissions can be set separately for each Project.  If you have permissions to manage projects and change project permissions, you will see Project Management in the Admin menu on the upper right of LityxIQ.

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