Public Project

Each LityxIQ instance can have a “public” project named “public”.  The project and everything in it is available to anyone who can login to the server.  In addition, and more importantly, any datasets created in this project are global in nature, meaning that they can be used as input to datasets created in any other project.  For example, when selecting incoming datasets for a view, all public project datasets will appear in the list of possible choices (prefixed with “public-“).

The main use case for this is datasets that could be used across multiple projects that you do not want to replicate within each project.  A good example is zip-level census data.  This is an example of a dataset that is not specific to any situation, does not have private or individual level data, and is likely needed in many projects.  The public project area is a great place to maintain this dataset in a single location but have it accessible anywhere.

If you do not see a "public" project, simply create one (named precisely "public") in the Project Management area.


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