Export Data to Snowflake

If you are having trouble with Snowflake

LityxIQ supports the ability to directly export a LityxIQ dataset into your Snowflake account.  This can be used, for example, as a way to create Tableau dashboards that automatically refresh upon fresh data being created in LityxIQ.

All dataset exports in LityxIQ start by setting its Export Settings.  For general information on Export Settings, see https://support.lityxiq.com/002683-Export-a-Dataset---Settings.

If you select a Snowflake connection as the Export Location, there are different settings that appear in the dialog.  The two possibilities are explained below:

Create a New Table

If you would like the export process to create a completely new table in Snowflake, select the Create New Table option.

In this case, you will also see a text entry box New Table Name.  Enter the name of the new table to be created, using the <schema>.<tablename> format.  You must enter a schema name, and that schema must already exist in the database (the database which the connection is set to use).

Note: With this option, the table entered will be dropped and re-created automatically using the exported variables' metadata, and then populated with the data in the dataset.  Important - if the table entered already exists, it will still be dropped and re-created as a part of the export process.

Use an Existing Table

If you would like the export process to use an existing table, uncheck the Create New Table option.

In this situation, you will have two additional options to enter:

Incremental Add 

  • Check this box to add data incrementally to the selected table.  In this case, it is necessary that the variables selected for export match exactly the table as it already exists in Snowflake.
  • Uncheck this box to empty the table and start fresh.  In this case, LityxIQ will empty the table before exporting data into it.  The dataset's definition (field names and data types) will be re-created based on the exported LityxIQ dataset.

Existing Table - When you click this box, a dialog will open after LityxIQ connects to the Snowflake database.  It will show the various schemas and tables available.  Find the one from which you wish to export to, and select it.


As mentioned above, all other export settings are the same as explained in https://support.lityxiq.com/002683-Export-a-Dataset---Settings.