Variable Names

LityxIQ provides a good amount of flexibility in naming variables in datasets.  This is very beneficial for the sake of easily understanding what is represented in the data because you can give variables descriptive names.  However, there are still some restrictions on how variable names are created, as described below.

Important Note: Variable names are case sensitive.  This means that the names ABC and Abc (for example) are considered different variables.  This is important in particular when referring to variables in other areas within LityxIQ.



  • Names must be 128 characters or fewer.
  • Names cannot start or end with spaces (although these will be automatically trimmed if necessary), although spaces can be otherwise used within the variable name to help make the name easier to read.
  • Names cannot include any of the following characters:
    • | (pipe)
    • [ (left square bracket)
    • ] (right square bracket)
    • @ ("at" sign)
    • : (colon)
    • . (period)
    • , (comma)
    • = (equals)
    • ` (back apostrophe)
    • { (left curly brace)
    • } (right curly brace)
    • \ (backslash)
    • " (double quote)
    • ' (single quote)
    • < (left angle bracket, less than)
    • > (right angle bracket, greater than)
  • Invalid characters in the above list will be replaced with the underscore character upon import into LityxIQ.
  • Names cannot otherwise include non-ASCII characters.  Such characters found in the names of variables from a raw data source will be removed.