Viewing Available Datasets

The ‘View Datasets’ link within DATA MANAGER provides a list of all available datasets within a selected library.  It is here that you can create new datasets and manipulate existing ones.

After clicking the ‘View Datasets’ link, the working area in the right pane of LityxIQ will look like the following.  Important areas are explained in more detail below.

  1. Dataset Library - This drop down box displays a list of all of the dataset libraries to which you have access.  Select the library you wish to view.
  2. Create New Dataset button - Click this button to create a new dataset.
  3. Selected Dataset button - To perform actions on an existing dataset, first click the dataset of interest in the 'Available Datasets' list (it will highlight orange), then use the ‘Selected Dataset’ button to view the available actions.
  4. Available Datasets list - This provides a list of all datasets in the currently selected library, along with relevant information about the datasets.  In this list, column headers can be clicked to sort the information within that column.  Separators between column headers can be dragged to resize the columns.  To work with a particular dataset, click it and make a selection from the Selected Dataset menu, or alternatively right click it to have access to that menu directly.
  5. Available Datasets Action drop down menu - This button, on the lower left side of the 'Available Datasets' list, provides various options for manipulating the information displayed in the list (note: this is not where you manipulate the datasets themselves; use the 'Selected Dataset' button for that).  The options revealed under the 'Actions' drop down menu can be seen below.

  1. Paginator - Use this tool to move to new pages in the list and to specify how many datasets to display per page.