Building Models for Novice Users

For building predictive models, Predict is a unique platform for novice or business users.  Powerful and accurate models can be built, maintained, and implemented with little effort.  Technical aspects of model building can be left to the platform.  As the novice user practices and gains more knowledge about the modeling process, they then have the option of working with some of the more advanced options and parameters.

However, even the novice user needs to have a firm grasp of some key concepts.  The most important concepts are the data and their business objective.  Understanding the business objective, collecting the appropriate internal data, and loading it into LityxIQ, is of upmost importance.  Please ask us if you would like more assistance with these internal processes.

Once your data is ready for model building, visit here to begin the processes of creating and defining a predictive model:

We provide additional resources in our knowledge base for the novice user, or feel free to contact support.