Defining Settings for Building a Model

In Predict, a predictive model is defined based upon a number of options and settings that you provide.  To define these settings for a model, first click the Models option within Predict.

Then, follow these steps:

1) Click the model you wish to edit, then select Edit Model Build Settings from the Selected Model menu or the right click menu.  If a new model was just created, this step is unnecessary, and you can pass directly to Step 2 below.

2) The Model Build Settings dialog will open.  There are several tabs in this dialog, though the first tab, Data & Variables, is the only one required for use.  The remaining tabs are optional and are generally used by advanced users.  Because each tab contains a number of options and settings, they will be covered in separate articles.

Data & Variables - see

Data Filter / Validation Filter - Use this Data Filter tab to define a subset of records to use for modeling, and use the Validation Filter tab (which only becomes available if the "Filter" selection has been made on the Validation tab) to define the specifics of the validation filter.   Please see  for more information on defining filters. 

Sampling - see

Validation - see

Algorithms & Settings - see

Missing Value Handling - see

Output - see

When the options and setting adjustments are complete, click the ‘Save’ button to save the settings and exit the dialog, or click ‘Cancel’ to cancel any change.