Model Settings: Algorithms

When defining a predictive model, the Algorithms & Settings tab allows you to choose the algorithms that will be used to build the model, and any special options for those algorithms.  In LityxIQ, more than one algorithm can be applied to a model, and the same algorithm can be applied multiple times with different settings.

The dialog provides a list of each algorithm currently applied to the model.  Each algorithm has options associated with it which you can access through the icon set 

Respectively, these options are:

  • Edit - Opens the detailed settings for the algorithm.  See for more information.
  • Copy - Copy the settings of the algorithm.  The copied version will appear at the bottom of the algorithm list and can be edited from there.
  • Inactivate/Activate - You can temporarily inactivate (pause) the algorithm from being executed.
  • Delete - Delete the algorithm from the list.


To add a new algorithm to your iterations list, click the Choose Algorithm button, select an algorithm from the list, and click the Add Algorithm button.  Depending on the type of model you are building, the list of possible algorithm available in this list may be different than shown above.