Changing Algorithm Settings

All algorithms in Predict have several options and settings associated with them.  Some are specific to the statistical algorithm itself, while others apply more generally to the modeling process. 

When editing a model's settings and clicking the Algorithms & Settings tab, you have the option to associate any number of algorithms with the model (see for more information).  When an algorithm is added, you may delete it from the list using the "delete" link, or access its settings and options by clicking the appropriate "settings" link.

This will open the settings and options window for that algorithm.


  1. The first tab, Algorithm Options, may look different from one algorithm to the next.  An explanation of the settings available for each algorithm are found in separate articles.
  2. The Selection & Transformation tab provides options related to the variable selection process performed by Predict.  See for help with this tab.
  3. The Advanced Settings tab provides options for advanced settings related to the entire modeling process conducted by Predict.