What Can You Do in Predict?

Predict contains four main areas which are available in the left panel of LityxIQ after clicking Predict.  These are described below in more detail.

Models - Use this link to build, manage, and execute predictive models.  Here you can create, define, analyze, schedule, compare, approve, and implement many types of models.  You can also manage model versioning here.

Scoring Jobs - Use this link to create, schedule, and execute scoring jobs.

Scoring Catalogs - Use this link to create and manage scoring catalogs.  A scoring catalog is a specialized dataset which stores the results of scoring jobs based on implemented predictive models.  It contains one or more primary keys that identify unique records in the catalog (such as a Customer ID).

Libraries - Use this link to create and manage the libraries that contain your models and scoring jobs.  Permissions can be set so that only certain users or groups can access the contents of specific libraries.