Setting up Automated Insights

Opening the Automated Insights Settings Dialog



There are multiple places from which you can initiate setting up a dataset for Automated Insights.

1) From the Selected Dataset menu

and then clicking the  button.

2) From the Process Flow by clicking the   icon.

and then clicking the  button.

3) From within the dataset settings dialogs.  For Raw Datasets, this is found in the Advanced section:

 and for Derived Datasets, this is found in the Finalize area:


Automated Insights Settings

In all these cases, the Automated Insights settings dialog is initiated.  It contains just two selections (the second is optional):

Target Variables for Insight - Select the variables for which to generate the automated insights on this dataset. Up to five variables will be processed automatically when the dataset is refreshed.

Variables to Exclude - If there are any variables you wish to specifically exclude from the automated insights analysis, select them here. Use this option to exclude variables that are highly correlated with the targets but should not be considered predictive. Each selected target variable will automatically not be included in the analysis for other targets.

Click Save and Close and you are ready to go!