Executing Automated Insights

WATCH A TUTORIAL:  https://lityx.com/automated-insights-tutorial/

If you have setup Automated Insights for a dataset, they will automatically be executed anytime the dataset is refreshed.  There is nothing else to do. 


You do have the option of manually executing the insights, which is helpful in the situation where the dataset has been already recently refreshed, but you hadn't yet setup Automated Insights at the time of the refresh.  In that case, assuming you have already setup Automated Insights (see https://support.lityxiq.com/074862-Setting-up-Automated-Insights), simply click the Execute AI button in the Automated Insights window.  Automated Insights will begin executing immediately.  You can click the Refresh button to see if it has completed, or close the AI dialog and open the Console to watch its progress.