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Creating a Dashboard

1) Click the Dashboards link in Insight to work on dashboards. A graphical list of dashboards available to you (if any) will be shown. Create a new dashboard by clicking the Create New Dashboard button, and enter a name and optional description for it. Click OK. 2) You will now see the Edit Dashboard dialog. Please see for additional help.

Editing a Dashboard

Follow the steps below to edit a dashboard. If you just created a new dashboard, you can proceed directly to Step 3. 1) Click the Dashboards link within Insight. 2) If you have already created the dashboard, it will show up among a list of Dashboards available to you. The options you have available for each dashboard will be shown. To edit a dashboard, click the Edit link. 3) The Edit Dashboard dialog will appear. It contains two tabs: Dashboard Tabs and Settings. These are explai...

Managing Dashboards

You can view and manage dashboards for which you have been granted permissions. To see all dashboards to which you have permission and manage them, follow these steps: 1) Click the Dashboards link in Insight. 2) You will be shown all dashboards available to you along with a preview if available. For each dashboard you will be provided a list of links for actions you can perform. These are described below. If you do not see an action, it is not available to you. You can speak with your ...

Editing a Dashboard Tab Layout and Charts

A dashboard consists of one or more tabs, each with one more more charts laid out in particular way. Each tab is designed and edited individually. To being editing a dashboard tab, first follow these instructions to begin the process of editing the dashboard: On the Dashboard Tabs tab, click the icon to begin editing a tab. When editing a newly created tab, the Editing Tab dialog appears and looks like the following and is explained below....

Publishing or Unpublishing a Dashboard

To provide viewing access for a dashboard to others, you must first Publish it. You would likely do this after editing and previewing the dashboard to make sure it is ready for others to view. When you are ready to publish it, first follow the steps for Managing Dashboards: Depending on the current publishing status of a dashboard, you will see either a Public or Unpublish link (if you do not see either, you likely do not have permissio...

Creating Insight Library

Insight libraries can be used to organize the insights you create into logical groups. Creating an insight library is an easy task. Click Libraries from the Insight menu. 2) Click the Create New Library button and enter a name and optional description for the library. Then click OK. The new library will appear in the list of available libraries. 3) When creating this library you will be prompted to Set Permissions (

Setting Permissions for a Chart Library

Only users with permission to enter a chart library will be able to view or work within that library. Chart Library Permissions can be setup using the following steps: 1) Click Libraries from the Insight Links menu. 2) Select the library in the available libraries list, then click Set Permissions from the Selected Library menu. 3) Follow these instructions for using the permissions setting dialog.