User Group Administration

Administrators of LityxIQ instances are able to create and modify user groups.  User groups are a recommended method for easily managing the permissions available to subsets of users.  For example, you can set up user groups specific to functionality (such as creating ML models, or managing data) or needs-based  (such as allowing or disallowing access to data for specific clients or projects).

If you have been granted permission to manage User Groups, you will see the User Group Administration option in the Admin menu in the left panel.

This will show a list of the current user groups.

Create a New User Group

Click the Create New User Group button.  Enter a unique name for the new group and click Create.  You will then be asked to select the users who will be initially assigned to the group.  You can always later modify the user group by adding or removing users (see below).


Modify User Group Permissions

After selecting an existing user group, select Update User Group Permissions from the Selected Group menu or from the right click menu.

You will then be able to select or de-select from a list of functionality permissions that should be enabled for this group.


Modify User Group Association

You can easily modify the users associated with each user group.  Click the user group and select Update User Association from the Selected Group menu or from the right click menu.


This opens a dialog showing all active users of the LityxIQ instance, from which you can select or de-select users to be in this group.


Copy or Delete a User Group

Select the Copy Group or Delete User Group options from the menu in order to copy the user group as a template for a new group, or to completely remove the user group (respectively).