Creating Datasets - Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab contains options that are similar both when importing raw data (in the Define Dataset Source dialog), or when executing a derived dataset (in the Finalize and QC dialog).  The options are described here.

Sort and Join Keys - Select the field(s) that are most likely to be used in joins or aggregations in future operations with this dataset. The most common of these can be dragged to the top of the list. Making these selections will help with performance of data operations.

Filename Variable Name - Enter a name in this box to create a variable in the dataset that holds the name of the file or table from where this data was sourced.  The name entered here will be created as a variable in the resulting dataset.  Use this option as a way to track where data originated when importing from many raw data sources, or importing many files in batches.

Compute Quartiles - Set this checkbox if you want quartiles (including the median) to be computed with the summary statistics upon execution of the dataset. If you have many numeric variables, turning this on can significantly increase run times.  It is off by default for efficiency reasons.

Setup Automated Insights - This button is explained at