Settings for a Single Incoming Dataset

When you click the Add Dataset button in the Incoming Dataset section of a derived dataset, or edit an existing Incoming Dataset, you will have a number of options related to how it is used.

Dataset: A list of all datasets available to you appears in the topmost drop down menu.  Find the dataset you wish to use and click it.

Variables to Keep: Select the variable(s) from the dataset that you want to bring into the derived dataset processing.

Select All: Checking this box will keep all variables from the selected dataset.  This will remain the case even if variables in the dataset change over time.

Source Variable Name - This option appears only for the first dataset in the Incoming Dataset list.  It allows you to enter a variable name that will be added to the derived dataset.  The value of this variable will be the name of the incoming dataset for which the record emanated.  This allows you to use that information later in your dataset definition.

Required for Data Refresh: Checking this box will require that the selected dataset is fresh before the underlying derived dataset executes.  This setting will only have an effect if "upon data refresh" scheduling has been set for this derived dataset.

Activate: To temporarily inactivate this dataset from being processed by the derived dataset, uncheck this box.

Filter Tab - For more information about how to use this dialog, please see the following article:

When you are finished, click Save, or click Cancel to cancel any changes you have made.