Using the File Manager

The LityxIQ File Manager lets you manually upload files, such as delimited text file or Excel files, so that they can be imported into LityxIQ.  This is useful as a quick way to import files you may have on your local workstation without having to upload them to other 3rd party locations.  Files uploaded using File Manager are uploaded and stored in a fully encrypted fashion.  You can also export datasets to the File Manager, and later manually download them to your local machine.

To use the File Manager, click File Manager from the Tools menu in the left panel of LityxIQ.

Note that you will also be able to reach the File Manager from other locations, such as the settings for Raw Datasets.

The main interface looks like the following:

The left pane shows the folder structure of File Manager.  You will see a folder for each user group you are in, a "public" folder accessible to anyone who can login, and a "My Files" folder which is specific to your account.  Files you place in My Files will not be accessible to anyone else.  In the left pane, you can navigate the folder structure.  You can click a folder in the left pane to make it the actively selected folder. 

The right pane shows all the files and folders in the actively selected folder.  You can also navigate folders on the right pane by double clicking a folder to drill into it.

Toolbar - the toolbar at the top of the File Manager window provides a number of options for manipulating files.

These are described in order below:

Refresh - Refresh the File Manager window.

Create New Folder - Click to create a new folder within the actively selected folder.  You will be prompted for a new folder name.

Upload File - Click to upload a file into File Manager.  Files will be uploaded to the actively selected folder. More on the upload process is described below.

Delete File - Click to delete the actively selected file in the right pane.

Download File - Click to download to your local machine the actively selected file in the right pane.  Depending on your browser settings, this may automatically download the file to a default folder on your machine, or it may open a dialog in which you will navigate to the folder where you wish to save the file and have the option for renaming it before it is saved to your machine.  Note that you can also download a file in the File Manager by double clicking it in the right pane.


Uploading a File

As described above, clicking the upload icon will initiate the file upload process.  It begins with the following window:

Click Browse to open a dialog in which you can browse your local machine for the file you want to upload.  You can continue browsing for multiple files if you wish.  Each file opened will be shown in the area just below the browse button (the file converted.csv is ready for upload in the screenshot above).

  • When ready to upload all the files, click Upload All.  LityxIQ will process each file and upload to the actively selected folder.
  • Click Cancel All to cancel uploading.

When a file is successfully uploaded, a message will appear in the area at the bottom of the window, as in:

When you are finished uploading files, click the X in the upper right of the dialog box.