Getting Help

There are multiple methods to get help from within LityxIQ.


Immediate Help with Options in Dialogs

Most options that are available when defining settings in various places within LityxIQ have a help icon directly accessible.  In the screenshow below, the user clicked the Help (question mark) icon next to the "Use Filename Template" setting and is given immediate assistance.  To close a help bubble, click in it.


LityxIQ Support Site Accessible from the UI

The main UI of LityxIQ has a help icon in the upper right, and each dialog that opens has a small help icon on the upper right side (as in the screenshots below).  Clicking these at anytime will open a window directly in LityxIQ which connects to and can be searched, browsed, etc.  

Top right of main window:

Title bar of each dialog window:

The support site window that appears is draggable and resizable, and will remain on top of other windows.  You can close it by clicking the X button in its upper right corner.


Help Page with Additional Links

In addition to the above, a basic help page that provide additional methods for getting help is available by clicking Help in the Tools menu.

The window will provide a link to open in a separate browser window that you can have open side-by-side with LityxIQ, or to open your email application to send an email to our support team.