Using the Queue Window and Canceling Jobs

The Queue tab within the Console window is where you can find a list of all jobs that are executing on your LityxIQ server.  It can also be used to cancel jobs in certain situations.  Below is an example of a Queue and an explanation of the information it displays.


The job has entered the queue but has not started executing yet.  Each LityxIQ server has a certain number of jobs that can simultaneously execute, depending on the server configuration.

The job has started executing.  Informational messages while it is executing can be found on the Messages Tab.

 The job has finished executing successfully.

 The job has finished executing with an error.


Canceling Jobs - jobs can be canceled in certain situations by clicking the Cancel link next to its name in the Queue tab.  The situations where jobs can be canceled are:

  • Any job prior to its starting executing.
  • Currently, the following jobs can be canceled after they start executing: Predictive models, scoring jobs, and optimization implementation jobs.