Create and Maintain Optimization Libraries

Optimization libraries are a way to organize your optimization scenarios, as well as to use permissions to ensure access to only those who should have it.  This document describes how to create and maintain optimization libraries.

To manage optimization libraries, first click the Libraries link within the Optimize area of LityxIQ.


Create a New Optimization Library

To create a new library, click the Create Library button.  You will then enter the name for the new library, and optionally a longer description for it.

Click OK to create the new library.  This will open the library permissions dialog on which you will set what users and groups will have access to the library.  See for more information on the permissions dialog.


Setting Optimization Library Permissions

After a library has been setup, you can change its permissions at any time (assuming you have rights to change permissions).  Select the library from the list of libraries, and click Set Permissions from the Selected Library menu or from the right click menu.

This will open the standard permissions dialog, with more information found here:


Deleting an Optimization Library

A library can be deleted by selecting it from the libraries list, then clicking Delete from the Selected Library menu or the right click menu.

Follow the prompts to confirm deletion.  Note that any information created and saved by scenarios in that library will be deleted and cannot be retrieved afterwards.