Optimize Implementation Jobs

An Implementation Job in LityxIQ's Optimize allow you to store the detailed results of an optimization run into a separate dataset that can be used elsewhere in the platform.  For example, if the optimization problem was to determine the optimal number of digital impressions to buy for each partner site, week, and creative, and you successfully ran an optimization scenario to give you a result, an implementation job will push the details of the optimized buy recommendations into a dataset.

Additionally, an implementation job can be run automatically whenever the dataset and scenario have been re-run.  This allows you to automatically get fresh optimized results.  More information on scheduling and automating implementation jobs can be found here: https://support.lityxiq.com/749055-Scheduling-or-Automating-an-Implementation-Job.

To create an Implementation Job, first go to the Implementation area within Optimize:


Then select the library in which you would like to place the job, and click Create New Implementation Job.

After entering a name and description for the job, click OK, and you will be taken to the Implementation Job settings dialog.  More information on the settings dialog is here: https://support.lityxiq.com/398591-Implementation-Job-Settings.