Implementation Job Settings

To edit the settings for an Optimize implementation job, first select the job from the Implementation Jobs list and click Edit Settings.  (To first create an Implementation Job and to learn more about them, see

(NOTE: Before you can edit the settings of an implementation job, you must first have at least one Result Catalog setup.  See the article for more information on setting up a Result Catalog).


The Settings dialog will open.  You will also be shown this settings dialog immediately after creating a new implementation job.

Scenario - Select the scenario that will be implemented.

Version to Implement - Select the version of the scenario to implement.  The special option "Most Recent" allows you to always implement the most recently run version of the optimization scenario.

Result Catalog - Select the Result Catalog in which to place the optimization outputs.

Name - Enter a name for the optimal result in the Result Catalog dataset.  You can enter a fixed name, and you can additionally use template placeholders that will be replaced when the job is run.  Placeholders include [m] for the output variable name as entered in the scenario's settings, [d] for a date stamp, [t] for a timestamp, [s] for the scenario name, and [v] for the scenario version. You can also use configuration variables using the standard {@var} scripting technique.

Overwrite - This setting applies if there is already an existing variable in the Result Catalog with the same name you provided in the Name box. If Do Not Overwrite is selected and the name entered above already exists in the result catalog when the job runs, the job will produce an error. Otherwise, the data in that variable will be overwritten with the new result.

Delete Old Records - Check this box to automatically delete records in the result catalog that are not part of this implementation. For example, for a customer churn optimization, old customers no longer on the database would have their history of optimization scores deleted from the result catalog if this is checked.

Click Save to save your settings.