Interacting with a Chart

There are a number of options for interacting with a Chart in LityxIQ.

  1. Hover effects.  When hovering over a bar, line, or other data display, a box showing specific information for that data point is displayed on screen.
  2. Legend.  The legend at the bottom of the cart displays the values associated with each of the items in a data series, or each metric being shown.  These elements can be turned on or off by clicking their name in the legend.  The graphical display will re-calibrate itself to reflect the change.
  3. Print or export. Use the download button to print, export, or share the chart.  See for more information.
  4. If the chart has multiple metrics defined in addition to a series variable, you will also have access to a dropdown in the upper left corner to easily switch between metrics.
  5. Dynamic Filtering of the chart is available using the  icon in the upper left.  See for more information.