Edit Settings of an Insight Table

The settings for an insight Table are described below.


Dataset Tab

Dataset - select the dataset to be used as a basis for the chart.  The selection made here will change the lists of variables shown on the following tabs.


Rows & Columns Tab

  • Select Row Variables - All variables available to use as row variables in the table are displayed here. Select one, two, or three variables. Once selected, the variables will move to the top. There, they can be re-ordered by dragging them up or down.
  • Select Column Variables - Select at most one variable to use as the column variable. You do not have to select a column variable (in which case the columns will simple be the values of the summary metrics for each combination of row variable values.


Metrics Tab

This tab is used to define the summary data that will be displayed in the table. Multiple summary metrics can be defined and displayed.  See https://support.lityxiq.com/769101-Computing-Summary-Metrics-in-Insight for more information on using this area to define metrics.


Cell Coloring Tab

The Cell Coloring tab allows you to specify colors for cells whose values meet certain requirements.  The options are described here:

Summary Variable - this dropdown list will be populated with the Analysis Metrics defined on the metrics tab (click Reset if it is not synced properly).  Select the metric for which you want to set a color rule.

Rule Definition - Choose how the coloring rule will be defined. 

  • Mathematical symbols such as "=" and "<" - use these to define a rule based on comparing the value of the metric to the value entered in the Rule Value box.  For the "between" option, enter the lower and upper bound.
  • Quantiles Gradient - use this to have Insight automatically split the metric into equal sized groups.  The number of groups is determined by the Number of Groups setting that becomes available.  The color coding for each group uses a gradient scale between the selected Gradient Start Color and Gradient Stop Color.
  • Is Null - use this option to highlight cells with null values using a given Color.

Save These Changes button - when you have finished creating a rule, click Save These Changes.  The Color Rule will be added to the list on the left side.

Reset button - click this button to reset the rule definition area.

Color Rules area - this list shows all of the currently defined color rules for the table.  The rules can be dragged and dropped to re-order them, and can be deleted or edited using the delete and edit icons.


Filter Tab

The filter tab can be used to specify a subset of the data to use for creating the chart.  See https://support.lityxiq.com/806706-Using-the-Filter-Dialog for more information on using the filtering and searching dialog. 


Title Tab

Leave the Title blank to have a default title used for the table.  Otherwise, enter a custom title here.


When finished, you can preview the insight, save it, or cancel changes using the buttons at the bottom of the dialog.

  • Preview - view the chart using the currently defined settings.  This does not permanently save the settings.
  • Save - save the currently defined settings for the chart, but do not exit the dialog.
  • Save and Close - save the currently defined settings and exit the dialog.
  • Cancel - cancel any changes made and exit.