Optimize Overview

In LityxIQ, the Optimize area allows you to optimize complex business decisions while accounting for business constraints.  To access this functionality, select Optimize in the left panel of LityxIQ.

Optimize has four main areas, which are explained below.

Scenarios - Scenarios are the method of defining Optimization runs in LityxIQ.  They provide a way of modifying data, rules, constraints, and outputs so that you can compare one result to another (i.e., business scenarios) as a way of determining the best path forward.

Implementation - Implementation of optimization scenarios is the method of making scenarios operational on an on-going basis.  The result of implementing a scenario will create data that can be used for driving business decisions regarding, for example, who to target or who to not target.

Result Catalogs - Result catalogs are special datasets in which the detailed results of implementing a scenario are place.  Result catalog are simply LityxIQ datasets that can be found in the Optimization Catalogs library within Data Manager.

Libraries - Optimization libraries are simply a method for organizing Scenarios.  For example, you might create a new library for each channel that you are optimizing, or perhaps for each campaign month.  There is no limit to the number of libraries you create.