Interacting with a Pivot

You can interact with a Pivot in LityxIQ as it is being displayed. 


  1. Analysis Style. Select between different pre-designed pivot table structures.
    • Selecting Table is the  most common, as it provides a multi-dimensional cross-tabulation of the dataset.
    • Other options provide the same data, but viewed in other fashions such as heat maps and charts.
    • The CSV Export option will list the data in a comma-separated format that you can copy/paste into other applications.
  2. Aggregation type.
    • Count is the default aggregation in the pivot.  This method will show the count of records for each cell in the pivot table.
    • Any other selected aggregation type will make available an additional drop down box to select a metric.  For example, if you select Average, you will then choose the metric for which to show averages within each cell of the pivot.
  3. Metrics
    • This option appears when Aggregation Type is set to anything other than Count.  The metrics appearing here will be the ones you defined when creating the Pivot.
  4. Dimensions. Drag and drop horizontal and vertical dimensions to and from the Unused Dimensions box, and drag dimensions within the boxes to re-order them in the pivot.  You can also click the arrow next to the dimension name to filter on specific values of each dimension.  Dimensions that have filters set will be displayed in a darker blue color.