Edit Settings of an Insight Pivot

The settings for an insight Pivot are described below.

Dataset and Variables

  • Dataset – select the dataset to be used as a basis for the pivot.
  • Dimensions – use the drop down to select variables that will be used as dimensions: horizontal and/or vertical.  Typically, these are string/text variables, or integers.  The number of unique combinations of dimension levels you choose is limited.
  • Analysis Variables – use the drop down to select variables for analysis.  This list provides all numeric fields in the dataset.  To reduce processing time, limit the selection of variables chosen.


Filter Tab

The Filter tab allows you to specify a subset of the data to use for creating the pivot. See https://support.lityxiq.com/806706-Using-the-Filter-Dialog for more information on using the filtering dialog.


Titles Tab

Use these settings to provide title and subtitle on pivot. LityxIQ will provide a default value for any setting left blank.


When finished, you can preview the insight, save it, or cancel changes using the buttons at the bottom of the dialog.

  • Preview - view the chart using the currently defined settings.  This does not permanently save the settings.
  • Save - save the currently defined settings for the chart, but do not exit the dialog.
  • Save and Close - save the currently defined settings and exit the dialog.
  • Cancel - cancel any changes made and exit.